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Stretch wrap is a polyethylene plastic, also referred to as pallet wraps or hand wrap, generally used to hold boxes on a pallet for transport. Stretch wrap is pulled around the load and stretched. The plastic has a memory and wants to return to its original size. Thus the "elastic band effect" holds the load tight. Mostly used to package products together for internal and external shipping.

Stretch Wrap film offers excellent load holding force and puncture resistance, protects your goods during warehousing and transport, and reduces tampering. Wrapping small items for shipping or storage with stretch film, eliminates the need for tape, string, strapping, and other conventional securing methods. Narrow width stretch film stretches more than the wider widths while still retaining much of its memory/recovery properties. No adhesives mean that there is no sticky residue left behind or boxes surfaces torn up when removed.

There are many types of stretch wrap film. Each with different qualities for specific needs.

Cast Stretch Film

Also called cast film or cast wrap, is manufactured using the cast extrusion process - clear, glossy, superior tear resistance.

Blown Stretch Film

Manufactured using the blown film extrusion process - hazy, dull, excellent puncture resistance.

Hand Stretch film

Stretch film designed specifically to be applied manually, typically utilized in lower capacity packaging operations.

Machine Stretch film

Stretch film designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine - faster and more efficient packaging, reduced packaging material costs, safer application, more secure loads.

Pre-stretch films

Stretched before wrapping a load - reduced amount of film used, more efficient, recyclable, strong, consistent and stable

Stretch Wrap Dispensers

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To facilitate the use of hand held stretch wrap you could use and film dispenser. Just walk around the pallet, or object you wish to stretch wrap, holding the it tightly. Stretch wrap dispensers are very efficient so they will save your time and fingers!

Eco friendly alternatives

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